• Today thousands of New Yorkers rallied though out the state at wage board meetings taking place to decide the process and fessibility of a $15 dollar minimum wage in New York. the rallies were to reminde the board that we need 15Now, not ten years

  • The demonstration, which coincided with a United Nations conference on a global anti-nuclear weapons treaty, saw protesters march with signs with slogans such as "shut up and disarm" and "dismantle all nukes now".

  • 15NowNJ and Community members on the steps of Newark City Hall, calling on the Newark City Council to set a living wage for all Newark residents by raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

  • Canary Island Oil drilling Protest Dec 4th 2014 NY

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O.W.S. Special Projects Affinity Group or (S.P.A.G.)


The O.W.S. Special Projects Affinity Group or (S.P.A.G.).

Mission of O.W.S. Special Projects Affinity Group or (S.P.A.G.). is to Organize, Educate, Inform, Engage, Empower and Mobilize individuals, communities, and organizations in the struggle to end austerity measures and build a society rooted in consensus-building, horizontal decision-making, and economic justice for all.

 Focused on: Social. Political and Economic Justice


 Sign our Statement of Support: http://spag.nationbuilder.com/statement_of_support

It was Founded in November 2011, and  initially was composed of members from O.W.S. working groups, and non work group members, that were and are supporters of the core objectives of the Occupy Wall Street action. O.W.S. and Occupy Movement.